Second Royalty Distribution Goes Out


As explained in previous posts (here and here), I determined at the outset of my journey with From Day to Day that any royalties derived from the sale of Nansen’s diary would go to a charity or charities that Odd Nansen would have approved of were he still alive.

After discussing the matter with Nansen’s daughter Marit Greve, we agreed that 50% would go to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in DC, and 50% to HL-Senteret, The Center for Study of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities, in Oslo.

Although I do not charge a speaking fee for my presentations, this past year several organizations were generous enough to pay me an honorarium for my services.  Since these were unexpected I have decided to include them in my distributions as well.  With these latest checks, to date such distributions total $5,206.88.

All of the above would never have been possible without the assistance of so many people who helped me along the way—by making introductions, suggesting speaking venues, recommending my work, organizing events themselves, etc.  To all of you I owe a debt which can never be fully repaid.  But I salute you for your help, and wish you all the very best that 2018 can offer.  Here is but a partial list of those who went above and beyond the call of duty this past year: Tese Stephens, Harry Goodheart, Don Lineback, Kathy Aleš, Ella-Marie Smith, Rabbi Yossi Liebowitz, Dan Mask, Jim Warycha, Cindy Williams, Dotty Myhre-Donahue, Kris Leopold, Don Zellmer, Morgan Jordan, Bridget Ray, Ginny Bear, Shirley Stevens, Dick Kuhn, and Kaye Wergedal.  I’m sure that I have overlooked someone equally deserving of recognition, and hope you will forgive the oversight, and allow me to use Odd Nansen’s own words: “Honor to them all for their share.”

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  • June 30, 2022: Sons of Norway Book Club*
  • October 7, 2022: Sons of Norway, Boston, MA*
  • October 13, 2022: Tri-County BNC, Princeton Junction, NJ
  • October 18, 2022: Shalom Club, Great Notch, NJ
  • November 15, 2022: Institute for Learning, New Haven, CT*
  • * = Virtual

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"Tim Boyce was the perfect speaker, and delivered a fantastically engaging presentation about an incredibly moving human story. Among the 150 programs we produce each year, this one stood out."

- Matt Burriesci Executive Director Providence Athenaeum Providence, RI

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